Well hello there.  

MeritMade is very dependent on images. Images are used to communicate style, aesthetic, craftsmanship and perspective, but as wonderful as these images are, they can't tell you the whole story. Sometimes words, MORE images, and video are needed to help complete the picture.  

To give you a better understanding of who we are and why we do what we do you will find a few different types of blog posts.  

  • Stories are exactly that. These are the stories of clients like you.  
  • Stones are a close look into the awesomeness of rocks! It's your place to geek out on the diversity, science, and metaphysical properties of the stones we use in our work.
  • Lessons are the how tos. This is were you can find information on how to clean your jewelry, how something is made, how the commission process works, etc.
  • Commentaries are posts where we dive into specifics on a particular subject. This could include recent workshops, stories about private lessons, recent events/upcoming events, etc. 

xo - MeritMade