MeitMade Commentaries - I Got Married!!

MeritMade Wedding

Hi Friends! I'm so excited to share with you that I got married last month. It was a heck of a roller coaster ride. That said, it was wonderful!!!!!!

Brad makes my wedding ring MeritMade Merit Made Wedding ring simple wedding ring
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As you can guess, I made Brad's ring. It is a simple band with both 14K white gold and 18K yellow gold. What you might not have guessed is that Brad made my wedding band. He spent a whole afternoon with me in the studio filing, sanding, forming, and soldering. I'm so proud of him and am super happy that the rings where made by us, for us.

I want to send out a giant thank you to all of you who sent love and words of encouragement our way. The photos of the wedding that I posted on social media received the most likes and comments of any photo I have ever posted. I am so truly overwhelmed with gratitude and appreciation. You all, my MeritMade family, are the best. Thank you!! - Kelly