MeritMade Commentaries - MeritMAKE Private Parties!

Did you know MeritMAKE throws private Make a Ring parties?! WE DO!

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MeritMAKE private workshops offer an awesome excuse to get together with your friends and family and make cool stuff! It's an awesome alternative to birthday parties, bachelorette festivities, family events, even corporate team building!

Private parties can be held at our studio space, Bonfire, in Mission, KS or at almost any place you can get the keys to! We have been hosted in living rooms, garages, maker spaces... anywhere that is okay with housing festivities and a little fire. The set up of the party is the same as a Make a Ring workshop; it's a 4+ hour engagement where each participant leaves with a handcrafted, sterling silver ring with stone that they designed! We are there to help and guide at every step.

In order to host a private party, you will need 3-6 confirmed attendees. Pricing depends upon where you are (do we have to travel to you?) and how much of the hosting you want to take on (do you want to handle food and drink on your own?). 

If you are interested in getting a quote for your own Make a Ring Workshop, please reach out!

- Kelly & Terra