MeritMade Stories - Dane

What is your MeritMade story? 
I requested a MeritMade engagement/wedding ring combo from Kelly solely from seeing one piece she did. I believe it was a necklace or something of the like. But I was sold. The detailed work that had been put into something as simple as the object was. I knew that if the attention to detail was so wonderful on it, that she would be even more flawless with something as special as my request. The hardest part was keeping it secret. But we prevailed without a slip up. Kelly and I initially made up a few drawings of what we thought would work well together. She was very careful to make sure I was a part of the entire process, which I really liked. Though she did all the hard work; I still felt like a jewelry designer and contributor without have ever doing so. Once we came up with the design and chose all of the materials, Kelly was great at keeping communication with me regarding the process and timeline. I feel like a custom piece is the way to go. It's the only piece in existence. And I am so very glad I made the decision to go with MeritMade. And so is my fiancè!

How does working with MeritMade compare to buying jewelry in the past?
I don't purchase a lot of jewelry. But even prior to meeting with Kelly, I had gone into a couple jewelry stores to ask some questions. And it felt stale. I didn't feel appreciated for what I wanted. And if I weren't interested in the extremely expensive items, they would quickly disengage from their assistance. But, Kelly really gets customer service. She is a treat others as you'd like to be treated kind of person. Plus she's extremely talented, so you know that the work she does for you will be unique and solely special for you.

If you could get another piece of MeritMade jewelry for free, what would you want?
probably a pinky ring of sorts. something timeless and classic. perhaps something that was focused around Kansas City. Perhaps the Royals. Perhaps the royals winning the World Series? Perhaps! (Please note this is foreshadowing written prior to the ROYALS WINNING THE WORLD SERIES!!!!)

What is the best movie quote ever, and what movie is it from?
"You tell 'em I'm coming! And Hell's coming with me!" - Kurt Russel as Wyatt Earp in Tombstone

Anything else you would like to add?
Word on the street that Kelly might be making me a Wedding Band. This is good news!